Crosby Carter's King of Color, Daniel Moon's latest Vibrant Hair Art

Daniel Moon's trail-blazing approach to hair uses palettes of bright colors to blend one-of-a-kind hairstyles. Reebok hired him to collaborate on a Club C Legacy and a pair of Classic Leather Legacy Shoes that dropped in July and end of August you can buy his Bright Classic Leather and Club C 85 Refresh shoes. Cant wait!
Crosby Carter
August 31, 2021
Daniel Moon is the king of color, using vibrant shades, he paints a wearable canvas of abstract art that perfectly captures the freedom of playing outside in the summer time. Moon has just launched a custom Classic C Legacy his collaboration with Reebok titled Major Reebok and the new drop is slated for the end of August 2021. The Bright Classic Leather and Club C 85 Refresh models are sure to get passer bys to rubber neck your sole as much as they would your hair when done my the master of color making your world colorful from HEAD to TOE!

Daniel Moon for Reebok - MAJOR REEBOK - Classic Leather Legacy
MAJOR REEBOK - Club C Legacy